Japan’s Mizohu comes Gujarat For Mini Japan

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July 4th,
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A high-level delegation of Mizohu Corporate Bank Ltd plans to tie up with its clients in Japan, especially small-and-medium entrepreneurs (SMEs), for the proposed mini-Japan planned in the Dholera special investment region (SIR) as well as Dahej Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR).

Jun Kuroki, a senior Mizohu executive, met officials of the chief minister’s office on Thursday. One of the largest banks in Japan, Mizohu services nearly 30 per cent of companies in the country.

Kuroki later visited Dahej PCPIR, which has been planned over nearly 36,000 hectares and, like Dholera SIR, forms part of the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). “We look forward to continue interacting more frequently to bring our clients’ requests regarding investment opportunities in Gujarat,” Kuroki said in a thanksgiving letter to the CMO.Gujarat

A top Modi aide told TOI, “Mizohu representatives told us that there are three groups of SME investors who are interested in investing in India. First are those who operate in India, but wish to expand. The second are those who are in China, but are interested in shifting their operations to India. And thirdly, those who haven’t invested outside Japan and are looking at India. Mizohu executives said Gujarat is its preferred destination.” The official added, “As for mini-Japan in Dholera SIR, they would like to use it for residential purpose and for non-polluting, especially automobile, industries.” Apart from Dholera SIR and Dahej PCPIR, officials said, the Japanese have shown interest in developing Aliabet, a wasteland in the Gulf of Khambhat. A 15,858 sq km island in Narmada estuary, officials said, the Japanese have shown interest in starting different activities, with focus on aquaculture and entertainment. “Still at a planning stage, Gujarat government is working out ways to Aliabet in order to ensure that its fragile ecosystem, unique in Narmada estuary, is not disturbed”, an official said.

This was the second visit of Mizuho representatives to Gujarat after the Vibrant Gujarat investors’ summit in January 2009. During the first visit, which was an exploratory in nature, the its executives conveyed their intention to open office in Ahmedabad.

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